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We need strong communities and engaged conservatives to make America the shining city on a hill. Our in-depth, cutting edge courses will arm you with the tools you need to win elections.

Course Categories and Certification Tracks

Right-to-Life Activism

right to life

If you are moved and motivated by the tragic deaths of innocent babies but are not quite sure what you can do about it, this course will guide you through the basics of building effective coalitions, organizing effective events, understand our government structure, how to hold the government accountable, and how and where to volunteer.

Election Integrity

Election Integrity


What can we do going forward?


We equip individuals with an understanding of what is “election integrity,” what happened in the lead up to the 2020 election, and what we can do now and in our own communities to protect our most basic civil right – the right to vote and participate  in free and fair elections.

Parental Control of Your School Board

If we want America to continue to be a great nation, then we need to focus on how we might best empower children to succeed in the future. This course will guide and empower your success in creating a fair and balanced school board in your community.

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Effectivism (Activist) Certification

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