Election Integrity

Big Tech, Big Unions, and Big Corporations, as well as Big Money colluded to defeat President Trump.

  • They viewed him as an existential threat to their status quo.
  • They told us what they would do
    • Organizers, including Clinton loyalist John Podesta and NeverTrump leader Bill Kristol, have been playing war games for the past few months, plotting how to deploy media, government, and public armies to install Biden no matter what. Their scorched earth strategy rests on two factors: the use of widespread mail voting, intended to delay the official result so they can manipulate the outcome while stoking civil unrest until Republicans cry uncle, and the notion that if he loses, President Trump will claim the Democrats stole the election, a legitimate possibility that this plan only serves to further validate.
    • Color Revolution
    • Then, they did it.
      • We’ll show you how