What set America apart at its founding was the ability of ordinary citizens to hold elected office. This unique opportunity continues to today, and we cannot lose sight of how critical every level of elected office – from President to the School Board – is in influencing the direction of the nation. Every office requires principled men and women who will uphold and defend liberty and individual freedom. Leadership begins at the grassroots, which is why we have designed our candidate-training program specifically for state and local candidates.

Running for office is no easy task. From fundraising, organizing volunteers, coordinating events, writing letters, and reaching out to voters, the process can easily seem daunting and overwhelming. With American Majority’s Aileen Chuck Future Leader Training Program, this daunting prospect becomes much easier!

A Certificate of Completion in Aileen Chuck Future Leader Campaign Training will be issued with successful completion of all CAMPAIGN TRAINING courses.

  • Researching & Planning Your Campaign
  • Get Out the Vote (GOTV)
  • Campaign Finance
  • Communicating Effectively