Stand Alone Courses

Right to Life Activism

Activate volunteers and like-minded people to help families in your community.

Why America Is Great

Understand the gift our Founding Fathers gave us.

Activate Your Campus

Make a difference on your campus!

Should You Run for Office?

Is running for office for you?

Advanced Messaging

Get the advantage over your opponent in the messaging arena.

Constituent Management

Give your citizens the most effective, efficient and valuable services available.

Jumpstart Your Campaign

Get started fast! Hone your message, get the money you need, and understand your vote goal.

Communicating Effectively

Effectively communicate your message to the media, your peers and your constituents.

Campaign Finance

Find the money for your campaign!

Get Out the Vote (GOTV)

Get out the vote for your campaign!

Researching and Planning Your Campaign

Get up and running with little or no experience!

Effectivism Series Part 2

Be an effective activist!

Effectivism Series – Part 1

The first course in becoming an effective activist.