Activate Your Campus


American Majority believes that college students play a vital role in the liberty movement. Too often the movement has neglected the younger generation to its detriment. Students have remained silent when they could have spoken out, removed themselves when they could have provided vital leadership.

That is why our Campus Training, called Campus Majority, is designed specifically to equip students. Students understand the uses and inter-working of social media and how to connect with their generation better than anyone else, making them uniquely equipped to take leadership roles. Campus Majority’s goal is to ensure that students are prepared with the knowledge of how to get involved on campus, campaigns, and social media so that they are ready when called upon to lead.

If you are a student looking to make a difference on campus, this course is the right one for you. Learn what it takes to start or lead a student organization; find out how to hold your university accountable and demand transparency; run an effective campaign for student government, develop skills to volunteer for or manage a local campaign; understand campaign strategy, grassroots mobilization, communication and fundraising, and organize get out the vote and voter registration drives. Students may take this course FREE.

  • Start or lead a student organization
  • Hold your university accountable and demand transparency
  • Run an effective campaign for student government
  • Develop skills to volunteer for or manage a local campaign
  • Understand campaign strategy, grassroots mobilization, communication and fundraising
  • Organize get out the vote and voter registration drives